Unternehmensberatung Fröschle
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All Power-Trainings are designed as Online-Trainings and will be delivered by certified trainers only. The virtual classroom which is represented by an ergonomic and easy to handle user interface, allows an efficient training flow. It offers all modern presentation technologies as well as the possibility of communication between the trainer and the students as well as among the students themselves.

All Power-Trainings consist of 12 modules with clearly defined contents. Each module in turn consists of 3 units which are shortly described in the following:

1. Lecture

Supported by memorable illustrations the lessons are imparted by the trainer in an understandable way. Each module has clearly defined contents and logically builds up on the previous modules. Many drawings on the electronic whiteboard which are developed individually during the course will make a very effective contribution to the understanding and clarification of the contents. All drawings are saved and provided at the end of the training.

2. Knowledge Test

Each module is followed by a knowledge test which contains a selection of representative questions how they are also asked during the exam for the certification to become an EMC Proven Specialist. On one hand these questions serve for the preparation of the certification exam and on the other hand they offer the opportunity of checking the learning success in order to eventually close any knowledge gaps.

3. Simulation

At the end of almost each module the students will run through a corresponding simulation to gain experience how the contents of the lessons are used in practice. To keep the costs for the participants low and impart as much knowledge as possible during the available time, practical exercises on real systems are completely renounced in our trainings. By the simulations the students have nevertheless the possibility of learning how the acquired knowledge and skills are used in practice.